5 Beginner Tips for Real Estate Investors in Nigeria.
5 Beginner Tips for Real Estate Investors in Nigeria.

5 Beginner Tips for Real Estate Investors in Nigeria.

5 Beginner Tips for Real Estate Investors in Nigeria.

Are you a newbie in real estate investments?

Here are some quick tips  to help you succeed as a real estate investor in Nigeria.

In recent times, real estate investments have been simplified for new investors. However, as a beginner, you could potentially get it wrong if you lack basic information on how to invest in Nigerian properties properly. It is very easy to become a victim of ‘get-rich-quick’ schemes and other horrible real estate fraud prevalent in the Nigerian property market. This blog post will give you easy tips to help you embark on seamless real estate investments.

Tips to help you succeed as a beginner in real estate investments

Tip 1: Educate yourself

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As real estate investors, this is by far one of the most obvious things to do. Learn, read and educate yourself. Investing in Nigerian properties is not complex, there are simplified resources available to help you learn. Ensure you take advantage of these resources to understand the market, the dynamics of investing in Nigerian real estate, local market conditions and industry trends. You can take courses, attend workshops, read books or simply use online sources like you are doing right now. We share insights on our social media pages, you can follow us and turn on post notifications by clicking here . We also connect you with industry leaders who share tips through our virtual events. 

Tip 2: Have a team

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Team work makes the dream work. To avoid real estate nightmares, it is important you have a team. As beginner real estate investors, it is quite risky to embark on investing in Nigerian properties alone. It is very important you have a team of experts that are knowledgeable at various aspects of Nigerian real estate investments. This will help you make sensible decisions and choices. It doesn’t have to be an expensive team of a consulting firm, architecture company or a law firm. You could simply just have a lawyer friend you pay to help you review contracts. You can also have a team of real estate agents and realtors, property managers and so on. As you keep investing in real estate you will understand how important it is to have a team of experts reviewing your investments.  

Tip 3: Set realistic goals

After carrying out proper research on Nigerian properties, setting proper goals becomes essential.The truth is, investments in Nigerian properties take time. Successful real estate investors did not amass return on investments in two seconds. It is a progression that will happen if you set realistic goals that you review constantly. For example, you can decide to make investments in Nigerian properties today and wait for it to appreciate. Few years later, you can sell the land to invest in more expensive real estate properties.  Better still, you can develop the landed property you got and plan to  live in it or put it up  for sale. Remember to set goals that are S.M.A.R.T (Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Realistic and Time-bound). 

Tip 4: Connect with other real estate enthusiasts

It is important to build a solid network of real estate enthusiasts as a beginner in real estate investments. Attend local events, join real estate investors’ groups and connect with thought leaders in the real estate industry. This will give you easy access to opportunities within  the real estate industry. It will also help you to gain real time insights on Nigerian properties. 

Tip 5; Start Small and work your way up
Willowbrook is on pre-launch sales for 3 million naira for 500sqm and 1.8 million naira for 300sqm

We understand that you are eager to become one of the billionaire real estate investors in Nigeria but it is advisable for you to start small. No matter how much money you have, it is better to begin with less risky investments in Nigerian properties and gain experience. When you start small, you can make mistakes that you can recover from financially. It will also help you gain practical experience based on the research you made through educating yourself. When you start small, you can easily learn the basics such as property analysis, negotiations, deal structuring and many more. This will prepare you for bigger and more serious investments. The smallest way to start investing in Nigerian properties is by investing in landed assets. With as low as 1.5 million naira for Orchard Ville and 1.8 million naira for Willowbrook, you can begin your real estate journey with us. Kindly send us a DM via social media here, reach out to us via email info@dekglobal.ng or give us  a call; (+234) 0802 557 9014

Orchard Ville Launch

Becoming a part of the ecosystem of successful real estate investors can be very seamless. You just need to incorporate the tips discussed above. Ensure you educate yourself, have a reliable team, set realistic goals, build a strong network, start early and small. With Dek Global, you can easily execute all these tips. Follow us on social media and read our blogs to get educated on real estate, you can take advantage of our team of realtors, you can connect with industry leaders and enthusiasts at our events and you can start small with us.