The Evolution
The Evolution of Short Lets and Air bnb

The Evolution of Short Lets and Air bnb

Nigerian Interior Designer Trends for 2024

1: Sustainable and Eco-friendly Design

Nigerians are rapidly edging towards sustainable practices and the home decor trends in the new year will be heavily influenced by it. More interior designers are going to adopt the use of sustainable and recycled materials for home decor. The use of ingrown plants is going to increase rapidly and sustainable practices like energy-saving appliances are going to take the spotlight. Thus, if you are looking to have a trendy home in the new year, you should look towards sustainable and eco-friendly aesthetics for your home. You can incorporate this by buying indoor plants, and recycled materials like tyre stools, being more energy efficient and prioritising natural lighting. You can shop for indoor plants from garden centres and local markets. This interior decor style will give your home a calming, peaceful touch. Guess what? You also get to save the earth while enjoying trendy interior decor!

2: Minimalism

Pairing seamlessly with the organic and natural aesthetics of sustainable decor is minimalism. Minimalism is the use of less space and less materials in decor. It involves the utility of natural lighting and earthly tones in design. Minimalism is often apparent from the use of neutral colours like white, nude, brown and grey as primary design colours.

There is also an endearment for texture in a way that is simple, fine and non-complex. Minimalism as a style for home decor has been around since the 20th century but recently, it has constituted a major design trend in interior decor, especially in Nigeria. From short-let apartments, and hotel rooms to celebrity homes, Nigerians have come to terms with minimalism and that is not changing anytime soon. In 2023, we can look forward to the widespread adoption of this design trend in more homes. You should definitely consider this style as it is cost-effective and it gives you a cleaner, clearer and more peaceful space.

3: Maximalist decor

If the whole minimalism and sustainability vibe has you yawning, you will be excited about the maximalist design style. In the coming year, another interior design trend that will take centre stage alongside minimalism and sustainable designs is maximalist decor. The maximalist decor is for the more eccentric soul. As the name suggests, everything is to the max, from colours, and spaces to textures, everything about the maximalist design is heightened excessively.

Colourful living room with sofas, a table and a dining area

It promotes repetition, bold colours, excessive play on patterns, and a lot of dramatic sculptures like animals, figurines and many more. Luckily for maximalists, they have an array of inspiration to draw from as maximalism has been around for a very long time. In fact, it is the preferred decor style for the wealthy as they need to show off their wealth and all the complexity that comes with it. If you are a maximalist, you should definitely consider this design trend for the new year. 

4: Eclecticism

In 2023, we really embraced our roots as Africans and this goes beyond the Amapiano or highlife obsession. We are slowly embracing our true identity by going back to our roots and explicitly expressing our Africanness. However, we can’t do this completely without infusing it with a little bit of Western influence. This has been reflected thus far in the interior design trends of 2023 and we are optimistic that in 2024, this design trend will become rapidly adopted. The eclectic interior design trend is one that beautifully blends different eras and movements. So, our vintage African interior design styles are blended with more modern interior design trends. The eclectic interior design trend is apparent in things as little as a calabash diffuser. This design trend fuses the past and the present and it is apparent in the use of wooden materials, clays and other vintage elements in design. It is already the design theme of restaurants, receptions and many homes. In 2024 we look forward to a better spotlight on this design trend as it elevates our identity as Africans.


There are other design trends to look forward to such as biophilic design, passive design, organic and natural design, farmhouse style and many more. However, in the new year, we are certain that for Nigeria, minimalism, maximalism, sustainable decor and eclecticism will take centre stage. Guess what? We are thoroughly excited to see how all of this unravels. You should definitely research further and speak to your interior designer if any of these decor trends resonate with you. The new year is about changes.
If you can’t relate to all of this because you don’t have a home yet, oops.
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