Genesis Apartments is a residential development nestled amidst a residential neighborhood, tailored to suit your highest standards. It offers units of elegantly designed apartments.

It is the perfect place to make your home, a place that offers peace, comfort and appreciation over time.

It comprises of 9 residential units of 1 bedroom apartment.

Genesis Apartments is particularly ideal for those looking for nice apartment to start a familiy or looking to start a Shortlet business. It is the perfect place to start a family, It allows you to purchase any unit of your choice for living, rent, and even shortlet as a form of investment to earn Returns on Investment.

LOCATION: 11, Association close, Ogudu, Lagos.

PURCHASE TYPE: Deed of Sublease

This is a rental contract which would last for a period of 12 years and in between these years, the owner can either live there, rent or use for short let as a form of investment to earn returns/income.

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